395 Calorie Treadmill Interval Workout in 29 minutes

treadmill interval workout

All you really need to see results is 29 minutes a day but I HAD more time so I worked out longer.

I went to 60 minute barre classes, 60 minute bootcamps and went on 6 mile runs regularly. So while scientifically I knew it wasn’t necessary to see results, it was something I enjoyed doing and figured it didn’t hurt to add a few extra minutes. After all, didn’t that mean I could theoretically have a “free” glass of wine or two?

Well, 8 months postpartum and I really only have 30 minutes most days of the week and I feel like I’m in better shape today than I was when I had more time.

Debora Warner, a running coach and CEO of the Mile High Run Club, calls it a “Peak to Peak” workout, since it alternates between challenging bursts of effort and lighter recovery periods. It also combines two types of interval training—hills and speed—to deliver a high-intensity sweat session in less time. As you probably already know, interval workouts are an efficient way for runners to build strength. Not only do they burn more calories than running at a steady pace, but they also help improve speed and stamina.

Yesterday, I hopped on a a treadmill for one of my first intense interval workouts in a long time and I felt lighter, faster and more in shape than ever! I’m not a speed demon and 6 mph felt slow enough for a recovery.

The FAVORITE Treadmill Interval Workout

This summer, I did 3 HIIT workouts a week with 2-3 35 minute runs with the jogging stroller. Since we got back to Boston, I’ve been doing 2-3 HIIT workouts at the gym a week on top of 1-2 spin classes (which are 45 minutes) and 30 minute runs on the weekends. I usually take 2 rest days a week.

When I started the workout yesterday, I wasn’t expecting to feel so strong since I feel like I only workout about half as long as I used to each week. I love how I’ve been able to get back ab definition and thankful that I really did only need 30 minutes a day to get here!

Here is the tread workout I did that burned 400 calories in 30 minutes yesterday.

My 29 Minute Quick Interval Workout

This workout below is for all levels. I used rate of perceived exertion (RPE) instead of miles per hour to make it as such. If you are a beginner an RPE of 5 is probably a walk, which might be a 3.5 on your treadmill. An RPE of 10 should be the fastest you can go for 30 seconds. I sprinted at an 8 for Interval Round #1, an 8.5 for round #2 and a 9 at round #3. My cool downs were 6 mph, 5.5 mph and 5 mph. 

Warm Up – 4 Minutes Easy Pace

Begin Interval #1: 5 minutes Sprint 30 seconds/Recover 30 seconds

Repeat 5x

Begin Interval #2: 10 minutes Sprint 1 minute/Recover 1 minute

Repeat 5x

Begin Interval #3: 5 minutes Sprint 30 seconds/Recover 30 seconds

Repeat 5x

Cool down – 5 minute Slow Jog

I haven’t done a treadmill sprint workout in a while so my strength is definitely attributed to the HIIT workouts. I’ll share some later in the month but need to get pictures of the moves! A tread workout is easier to share.


395 Calorie Treadmill Interval Workout in 29 minutes
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